Filtration device TFD

Filtration device TFD provides air pollutant suction especially solid harmful pollutant, dust, fumes etc. It depends at particular used primary technology. TIG FS is designed for long lifetime.Machine is designed only for indoor installation. Filtration is delivered at 1250 - 4850 m3/h power series and inside the filtration box are installed the pocket filters from the  renowned Germany manufacturer.

We pay attention to high quality filtration material which is categorized on the based of the official lab tests into group „M“ according international EU laws DIN EN 60335-2-69. Filtration cartridges provide enormous cleaning effectivity more than (99,9%) this value is declared for particles size between values 0,2 - 2 µm. This optimal cleaning values enable to return air back into indoor places, this fact can decrease costs for heating. Devices are also equipped third generation of intelligent control cleaning system.

Control system construction allows to adjust software on the base of customer primary produce technology. Control unit also intelligently sets suction volume and provides remote communication over protocol modbus. The whole filtration system can be controled by smart aplication or computer software.

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Technical parameters

Filtration FSD Drawing number Suction pipe dimension Exhale pipe dimension Number of fitration cartridges Number of valves Power input FAN type Max. suction volume  Pressure fan gain Circuit breaker Air consumption
TIG FSD 1250/19/ATS T11-R19-1250 DN225 PRAK.250 2 2 2,2 kW RG40T-2DN.D5.1R 0,34 m3/s 2550Pa 25 A / Kat. "D" 26
TIG FSD 1850/28,5/ATS T11-R285-1850 DN225 PRAK.250 3 3 2,2 kW RG40T-2DN.D5.1R 0,5 m3/s 2450Pa 25 A / Kat. "D" 26
TIG FSD 2450/38/ATS T11-R38-2450 DN280 PRAK.250 4 4 3 kW RG40T-2DN.E5.2R 0,69 m3/s 2550Pa 25 A / Kat. "D" 27
TIG FSD 3050/47,5/ATS T11-R475-3050 DN280 PRAK.280 5 5 3 kW RG45T-2DN.E5.3R 0,859 m3/s 2485Pa 25 A / Kat. "D" 28
TIG FSD 3650/57/ATS T11-R57-3650 DN315 PRAK.280 6 6 4 kW RG45T-2DN.F5.1R 1,01 m3/s 2650Pa 25 A / Kat. "D" 29
TIG FSD 4250/66,5/ATS T11-R665-4250 DN315 PRAK.315 7 7 5,5 kW RG45T-2DN.G5.2R 1,18 m3/s 2700Pa 25 A / Kat. "D" 31
TIG FSD 4850/76/ATS T11-R76-4850 DN315 PRAK.315 8 8 5,5 kW RG45T-2DN.G5.2R 1,33 m3/s 2500Pa 25 A / Kat. "D" 32

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