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We are proud Czech company focused on designe technological suction devices such as filtration devices, suction arms, industrial exhaust hoods etc. This type of technologies are very often intended for suction pollution air which is made as "secondary product" by production.

Tigemma engineering was founded in 2016 on the base of increases customer requirements which was connected with air protection from the Tigemma Belotin sales department. We are able to offer a lot of experiences in air protection,

In September 2019 we begun to offer the other services which make up great business portfolio. These services include for example industrial cooling and heating, heat recovery, natural and unnatural hall ventilation, technologies for reuse of waste heat from industry.

Tigemma Engineering company also uses production of Tigemma s.r.o. in Belotin and the other subcontractor firms from EU.

Our base is in Hranice na Morave. We will be happy when you visit us.

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