Foundry suction solutions

Dust and fumes suction in the foundry industry:

  • Sand casting suction
  • Fumes suction from metal casting production
  • Suction technology for metal machining and refining

Foundry production can be assigned between most dirty production ever. Dust is released over the sand mould manipulation at foundry workplace.  During the heating of raw material is released enormous amount of fumes and smoke. These emissions contain a particular amount of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and water steam.

The casting metal process creates big amount of a slag what releases amount of dust into the indoor hall atmosphere. The both emissions part create very concentrate emissions flow, what is necessary to suction out from the worker breathing zone.

Foundry production are usually installed suction technology with the filtration devices, what enable to air filter return back to the production zone. Residual emissions maximum range is up to 1 mg/m3. The whole suction technology has automatic operation according primary production technology.  


If you have any questions about the foundry suction, please contact us. 



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