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Dust is generally name for solid harmful pollutant less than 500 µmm. All type of dust is naturally around us and accompanies us for the whole life. A large number of dust concentration in the atmosphere can be definitely toxic for the human organism. Dust dangerous conditions are caused mainly by human perception. It is also caused, because we are trying to live with these dangerous substances instead of we begin to sort out severe and dangerous environmental problems. Dust can cause a lot of civilization diseases and allergies.

Dust is integral part of the industry production. In technical practise dust has different physics and chemical properties. These properties have essential influence at the suction and filtration devices construction. When we design suction technology we obey the government laws (for example law num. 201/2012 in the Czech Republic, but it depends at the country laws where technology will be placed). 

Suction devices proposal can be point of view the risks assessment problematic. There is essential to ensure a great cooperation between an investor and a supplier. Dust is  very often categorized into the group where is necessary to sort out protection against to explosion and fire. This group is also sorted as dangerous. 

Most often dust sources in the industry are released by:

  • Grinding technology
  • Metal cleaning technology 
  • Combustion process
  • Sorting technology of bulk material
  • Transportation and manipulation technology of bulk material

Our secondary suction technology has to ensure trouble-free operation, safety production, ergonomics workplace of primary production. This requirements are fulfilled over the projection works. 

Tigemma engineering suction devices are equipped an intelligent control unit. Control unit software is completely automatic. We implement industry 4.0 into every our suction application. 



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