Sawdust is product which can be made by the chipping machines, CNC machines etc. According material properties and production way are created a granulating disparate emissions, which contains particle blend about several size of milimeters. 

Because sawdust is created by heterogeneous mixture the suction process can be difficult. Over the projection works have to be count with optimal air convection in order do not occured to clogging the transportation ways. In many cases accumulated material inside filtration device is transported for the other production or storage. For the sawdust transport is always used pneumatic propulsion. 

The most often suction sources for these emissions are technologies which server for secondary manufacturing in wood, plastic and rubber branch.   

These transported blends are very often categorized into the group where is necessary to sort out protection against to explosion and fire. This group is also sorted as dangerous. 

Suction devices proposal can be point of view the risks assessment problematic. There is essential to ensure a great cooperation between an investor and a supplier. 

Our secondary suction technology has to ensure trouble-free operation, safety production, ergonomics workplace of primary production. These requirements are fulfilled over the projection works.

Tigemma engineering suction devices are equipped an intelligent control unit. Control unit software is completely automatic. We implement industry 4.0 into every our suction application. 


Our sawdust suction realization 

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