Suction of metal cleaning machine

We are so glad that we can cooporate at the metal cleaning machine reconstruction at the Remeslo strojal company from Slovakia. Remeslo strojal has huge mechanical production on 14 000 m2 area. Primary production is focused at the smelting furnaces which are designed for the aluminium melting.

Metal cleaning technology is not only about cleaning process over the production process, it is also technological process which is necessary to reaching high quality components.  Our suction technology which consists filtration device TIG FS and cyclone separator TC 8400 was installed on the February 2019. The whole suction technology was designed at the maximum suction volume 7000 m3/h. Part of filtrated air (25 %) is returned back into the production hall. Suction control system is controlled by the soft starters on the base of metal cleaning machine binary signal. How this realization looked you can see at the attachment photographs.  

If would you like to find out more information about this realization please let us know. 

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Photographs from realization

Odsávání tryskacího stroje Škoda
Odsávání tryskací technologie Škoda
Odsavání techologie na čištění kovů

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