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Smoke and fumes are combussions product and always contain colorless gases and tiny visible particles such as ashes, soot and dust. From the health point of view is increased smoke and fumes values totally toxic. Permanently breathing of smoke and fumes can cause seriously illness.

Over the production can be produced a lot of combinations dust and fumes what can have bad influence at workers, there is also necessary mention getting worse environmental conditions. In these cases the investors has to sort out technology what serves for capture and separation of emissions from surroundings. 

The filtration device is great solutions for smoke and dust suction. 

We also can partition technology according type of suction at local and spatial.

  • Local suction is designed directly in source where is produced emissions.  
  • Spatial suction is solved by air ventilation system which is installed inside bulding. This type of suction fulfil government and hygiene laws. 

Most often dust sources in the industry are released by:

  • Welding and grinding technology
  • Laser, plasma,  cutting technology
  • Combussions 
  • Foundries
  • Synthetic rubber and plastics processing technology 

Our secondary suction technology has to ensure trouble-free operation, safety production, ergonomics workplace of primary production. This requirements are fulfilled over the projection works. 

Tigemma engineering suction devices are equipped an intelligent control unit. Control unit software is completely automatic. We implement industry 4.0 into every our suction application. 


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